Mobile On-Site Services

No more lugging your machine to the shops. Stay at your home or business and I will come to you. Hardware and software issues fixed with a minimum of fuss.

Preventative Maintenance

A way to avoid many common hardware and software problems is to have regular maintenance done. Just like a car, computers need cleaning, servicing and fine tuning to have them run at their optimum. I will do regular checks on your machine on request to avoid more expensive repairs later on.


Is your machine too slow or not capable of doing the things you want to do? Call me for free advice and/or a quote  on how to upgrade your machine to your requirements.

Virus / Spyware Removal

One of the most common problems on  PCs today are viruses and spyware. I will remove all "nasties" and recommend simple and inexpensive solutions to reduce the risk of contracting viruses and spyware again.

Laptop And Desktop Repair

It doesn't matter whether it's a laptop or desktop. I have plenty of experience in servicing both.

Wired & Wireless Networking

Networking can be a very complex and time consuming affair for most people. . I will setup and maintain your network and keep the complexity to a minimum and make  sure your wireless network is totally secure.

Data Recovery

Lost some data? No backups? I will try every trick in the book to get your data back and recommend / setup a quick, secure backup system to avoid data loss in the future.

Broadband Setup and Troubleshooting

Most broadband issues can be resolved relatively easily. Some are more complex. Don t spend hours on hold to your broadband provider only to find that they can't fix it.  I will fix your broadband issues with a minimum of fuss and talk to your provider if necessary to sort out issues quickly and painlessly.

Web Site Design / Setting up Domain Names / Site Hosting

I will design an affordable website with your design input, register your domain name and setup hosting for you. I can also recommend an easy to use web design program so you can maintain / update the site yourself. Click here for more information or Call 0448 355 321 for details.

Ph 0448 255 321 for real world practical and affordable help with your IT infrastructure and web presence.